Woman Arrested For Calling 911 And Asking Officer For Sex

A Florida woman called police and then came onto the responding officer, asking him for sex.

Maria Montanez-Colon, 58, was arrested for abusing the 911 system when she called police with a bogus story, and when an officer arrived she tried to have sex with him.

The woman told police that she gave her late husband’s convertible to his son while she was drunk, and that she wants the car back. When officer Justin Davoult of the Punta Gorda Police Department arrived at the house, Montanez-Colon allegedly fondled him.

She then asked the officer if he was married and allegedly proceeded to rub the officer’s chest. The woman then told Davoult that he was sexy and that she wanted to have sex with him because she didn’t have sex in years.

However the officer wanted no part of it and left. Montanez-Colon then called 911 again and asked for another officer.

When the dispatcher asked why she wanted another officer, she explained that the officer turned her down and that made her angry. Officers responded to Montanez-Colon’s home, but this time, they arrested her for misuse of 911.

She was and booked into the Charlotte County Jail. Officers said that Montanez-Colon was intoxicated at the time of the incident.


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