Woman Charged With Attempted Murder Over Cinnamon Rolls

A heated argument over sweet rolls turned so sour that a South Carolina woman is now facing an attempted murder charge for allegedly trying to run over a teenager with her car.

Amy Joe Derepentigny, of Myrtle Beach, was arrested Tuesday for an attack apparently inspired by a bitter battle about baked goods, The State reported.

The teen, whose name wasn’t released, told police he got into an argument with Derepentigny outside a grocery store over “not having enough money for a cinnamon bun.” The argument continued until they arrived at a nearby apartment building, and when the teen started unloading items from the car, Derepentigny told him: “If you step in front of this, I’ll run you over.”

Then she tried to do just that — but missed the teen and crashed into a fence next to the building, police said.


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