Woman Stabs Boyfriend’s Side Chick To Death

A woman is charged with murdering her boyfriends’s “other woman” at his residence.

MEMPHIS, TN – In the early morning hours of Valentines Day, Danisha Terrell, 27 traveled to her boyfriend’s house and showed up uninvited and unannounced at 3 a.m.

When Terrell arrived at Malik DeAndre’s house she found out that he was in the company of another woman, Coleene Clover.

Terrell flew into a rage and stabbed Coleene Clover 6 times.

She was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

According to infossip, the police say the murder transpired after a picture of Clover and DeAndre was posted to the victim’s Instagram account, which Terrell was stalking.

After numerous unanswered phone calls and being sent straight to voicemail, a furious Terrell showed up at DeAndre’s house and found him with Clover.

Ain’t nothing like a woman scorned!

Terrell is expected to appear in state court, but most experts presume that the judge will order a psychological evaluation of the woman to determine if she is capable of standing trial.


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