Student Suing Misericordia University Officials After Failing Course Twice

A nursing student is suing some Misericordia University officials after she failed to pass a course twice.

Jennifer Burbella of Stroudsburg said school officials failed to abide by federal law.

Burbella was enrolled at Misericordia University in Luzerne County, but her attorney said because of disabilities including anxiety, depression, and stress, she needed help.

Harry McGrath specializes in education law, representing students, families, teachers, and administrators.


Eight Students Suspended Criminal Charges Pending After Cafeteria Fight Video Goes Viral

Eight Tennesee High School Students are in hot water after videos of them fighting in school turned up online.

In the videos you can see dozens of girls punching, kicking, and stomping one another. School resource officers even got into the fray in an attempt to break up the fights, which appeared to have also spilled into classrooms.

The first video posted on social media shows the fight happening in the cafeteria.

Two Teachers Arrested After Fighting Over A Man In Front Of Students

A love letter on Facebook sparked an on-campus, profanity-laced fight between two teachers at Rex Hill Middle School in Rex, Georgia. The altercation allegedly got so out of hand, an officer ended up arresting both instructors.

The police report tells the tale of a love triangle that erupted into fighting and cursing in front of students.

Parents of the students were in disbelief during school hours.

“That’s outrageous. That’s outrageous,” said parent Robert Fisher.

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