The Terminator And Darth Vader Are Polling Better Than The 2016 Presidential Field

The Washington Post conducted a survey online asking people to rank how favorably they view the 2016 presidential field, as well as a few fictional characters like Darth Vader, the shark from Jaws, and Voldemort. The rating is calculated rather simply; you subtract the percentage of those who dislike the candidate in the survey from those who actually can stand them.


Former President Jimmy Carter: Many Americans still have racist tendencies and feel superior to minorities

Former President Carter said on Thursday, “many Americans still have racist tendencies” that are opening up new wounds and keeping old ones from healing.

“The recent publicity about mistreatment of black people in the judicial and police realm has been a reminder that the dreams of the civil rights movement have not been realized,” Carter said in an interview published by AARP Bulletin.

“Many Americans still have racist tendencies or feelings of superiority to people of color,” Carter added.


NSA surveillance powers expire after US Senate vote

The National Security Agency's authority to collect troves of bulk telephone metadata under the post-Sept. 11 USA Patriot Act expired at midnight Monday after Republican senators were unable to make a deal.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sought a two-week extension Sunday of two less controversial provisions of the Patriot Act, but that effort was blocked by Sen. Rand Paul, his fellow Kentucky Republican who is running for president partly on his strong objections to the surveillance programs.


Beau Biden, Son of Vice President Joe Biden, Dies at 46

Joseph Robinette "Beau" Biden III, the son of Vice President Joe Biden and former state attorney general of Delaware, died Saturday after battling brain cancer for several years.

Biden, 46, the oldest son of the vice president and the rising star of a family dynasty, had been admitted recently to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington as he fought the cancer, a battle that his father largely kept private in the last weeks as his son clung to his life.


The Bellandur Lake In India Is So Polluted It Caught Fire

The alarming pollution level in lakes in the city was brought into focus when the parts of the Bellandur lake at Yemalur exit point in Bengaluru East became a blazing inferno for most part of Friday night.

Resembling burning lava from a volcano, the toxic froth caught fire on Friday night and the froth-filled parts of the lake were seen burning all through the night.

The conflagration, witnessed for the first time at the lake, not only left the people in the vicinity shocked but also scared many passersby.


R&B Singer Kelly Price Says 24-Hour CVS Wouldn't Fill Her Prescription 'Because of The Area'

Kelly Price wants answers from a local CVS after they refused her service.  The singer is accusing the drugstore chain of refusing to fill prescriptions in what’s considered to be ‘bad’ neighborhoods.

Early Tuesday morning, around 1 am, the Grammy nominated R&B singer stopped by a 24 hour CVS Pharmacy in Carson, California for painkillers in advance of dental surgery she was having.  She was told by the pharmacist on duty that they didn’t fill certain prescriptions after midnight because of the area where the store was located.


Mitt Romney To Box Evander Holyfield In Charity Match

Yes you read that right.

In this corner, weighing in at 236 pounds: Evander Holyfield, the former heavyweight champion of the world.

And in this corner, weighing in at 179 pounds — Mitt Romney? The former Republican presidential nominee?

Relax. It's for a good cause: They're stepping into the ring Friday night in Salt Lake City to raise money for Charity Vision, which fights blindness in some of the poorest countries in the world.

USA Freedom Act Headed To Senate After Passing In The House

The House voted to pass the USA Freedom Act today, which would effectively shut down portions of the NSA’s controversial domestic spying program in their current form.

The bill, passed overwhelmingly by a vote of 338 to 88, would put an end to the government’s bulk collection of phone records from U.S. telecoms—a program first uncovered by USA Today in 2006 and re-exposed in 2013 by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


UN Hearing Slams US Human Rights Record For Racism and Police Brutality

The United States' human rights record faced fierce criticism on Monday during a hearing of the United Nations Human Rights Council, when a panel of more than 100 international leaders voiced concern over violations spanning from police brutality and the continued use of the death penalty to the torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison.


University Of Virginia Official Sues Rolling Stone for $7.5 Million For False Rape Story

An official at the University of Virginia lodged a $7.5 million lawsuit against Rolling Stone on Tuesday, accusing the magazine of defaming her in a discredited story about rape on campus.

Nicole Eramo alleges that Rolling Stone acted recklessly and willfully disregarded facts by suggesting that — as associate dean of students — she had discouraged the reporting of a gang rape to police for fear it might tarnish the elite university’s image.


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