Harriet Tubman Wins Vote To Replace Andrew Jackson On $20 Bill

Andrew Jackson may be getting booted from the 20. 

Women on 20s, a group that has been campaigning to replace Jackson with a woman has chosen Harriet Tubman, the 19th century abolitionist who escaped slavery and led other slaves to freedom via the ‘Underground Railroad.’

Chris Christie Racked Up $300k of Food and Alcohol on Expense Account

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spent $300,000 of a government state allowance over five years in office to buy food, alcoholic drinks and desserts, according to a new analysis of state records.

In addition to his $175,000 salary, Christie receives $95,000 a year for purposes vaguely defined in the state budget for official purposes like state receptions, operating an official residence, or other expenses.


America’s oldest living WWII vet Richard Overton celebrated turning 109

Richard Overton, the oldest living World War II vet, celebrated his 109th birthday on Sunday in Austin, Texas.

Joined by his extended family and other members of the community, Overton celebrated the occasion with cake, burgers and fries.

The event, which was attended by Mayor Steve Adler and the assistant chief of the Austin Police Department, was sponsored by Mighty Fine Burgers Fries and Shakes and took place at a neighbor’s home.


Virginia State Delegate Deletes Post About Police Dogs Eating Baltimore Protesters

On Tuesday State Del. Hyland “Buddy” Fowler Jr. joked about bringing in vicious police dogs to control Baltimore protesters, Richmond.com reports.

“I wonder if a few of these would help bring calm to Baltimore?” Fowler wrote in a Facebook post.

Although Fowler, who is seeking reelection, initially did not comment on the picture, he did take it down. The image pictured a K-9 dog, fangs showing, with the caption, “Go ahead and run. He likes fast food.”

Later Fowler acknowledged his error and apologized.


Texas House panel approves full legalization of marijuana

Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee approved legislation Wednesdaythat would make it legal to buy and sell marijuana in the state.

Two Republicans joined with the panel's three Democrats in support, giving House Bill 2165  a decisive 5-2 victory.

The proposal, which would make Texas the fifth state in America to OK pot for recreational purposes, has virtually no chance of clearing any other hurdles on the path to becoming law in this year's legislative session.

Still, advocates described the committee vote as a big step toward future success.


4-year-old gets fist bump from President Obama

President Barack Obama doesn’t stop for anything while walking from the White House to board Marine One. But, it’s not normal that a little boy in goggles and superhero clothes is part of the press corps, either!

4-year-old Luca Martinez came to the South lawn with his dad, a photographer for the Associated Press, on Sunday to see the President’s helicopter up close.

Luca wore big goggles to protect his eyes during liftoff and covered his ears the entire time from the noise — except for one special moment.


Officer Fired For Calling Black People Monkeys On Facebook

The Lee County Sheriff's Office wasted little time firing an employee who admitted to using racist language on-line. According to an internal affairs report, Deputy Jean Lopez was fired in April for posting racial comments on his Facebook page.

The report said Lopez posted a video in March of a black man talking about his company and his competitors using explicit language and street terms. The report said Lopez wrote, "Can someone please tell me what the [expletive] this monkey is saying?"

The report also stated Lopez wrote, "Get a real life [expletive] monkey."


Twitter Reveals Baltimore's Curfew Was Only For Blacks

As we guessed, only West Baltimore had a curfew.


Video Shows Baltimore Protester Joseph Kent Vanish in a Crowd of Police on Live TV

Following hours of peaceful demonstrations, Baltimore police Commissioner Anthony Batts pronounced the city "stable" at a news conference Tuesday night, saying, "The curfew is, in fact, working." Now video of protester Joseph Kent being arrested is showing just what the commissioner means by "working."


Protester Schools TV Anchor About Media Coverage Of Baltimore Riots

A protester approached by MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts on Tuesday offered pointed criticism of the way Roberts’ network and other media have covered the unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray this month.

After admitting that looting and rioting were not the best ways to represent the community and to seek answers, protester Danielle Williams asked Roberts a question of her own.


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