Diner Gets Racist Message on Receipt

The receipt from Huck Finn’s Cafe has “N—-r 100% dislike” typed beneath an order for a Thin Catfish Platter, Fox8Live reports.

Tania Dall, the woman who received the receipt, told  WWLTV that the manager told her that this was the server’s last shift when asked why he wasn’t being fired on the spot.


Wife of NFL Player Says She Was Harrassed, Terminated Because of Interracial Relationship

The wife of a San Francisco 49ers player has filed a federal suit claiming racial and sexual harassment at her former New York workplace, a financial firm she likened to a “Wolf of Wall Street”-style office.

According to published reports, Philippa Okoye, wife of reserve player Lawrence Okoye, claims she was taunted about her interracial relationship and sexually harassed at the financial consultancy firm deVere Group in Manhattan. The suit claims that when she complained, she was demoted and eventually fired.

Racist Parents Prohibit Daughter From Attending 10 Year Old Black Friend's Party

As many steps as we have taken forward, we still have a long way to go.

A young girl wrote a letter to another girl, explaining that her dad would not let her go to her birthday party — because the birthday girl is black.

According to WREG, the letter reads, “Maybe I will not be able to go to your birthday sleepover because my dad will not let me go because you are black.”

The birthday sleepover was for Harmony Jones. When her father, Christopher Jones, saw the letter, he was surprised.


Awkward: MSNBC Panelist Assumes Jay Smooth Isn't Black During Race Discussion

They say when you assume you can often make an ass of yourself , and CBS's Nancy Giles did just that during an episode of All In With Chris Hayes when she didn't realize that fellow panelist Jay Smooth was black. 

Hayes and the panelists were discussing Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign where baristas are being encouraged to discuss race relations with customers.


4 Year Old Ruins Babysitter's Plan To Blame Robbery on A Black Man

If no one else will tell the truth a child will. 4 Year Old Abby Dean told the truth, saved the day and kept an innocent man from going to prison.

“Wednesday was the worst day in my life,” Abby said.

“They told us to get out of the house ’cause they wanted to steal stuff,” Abby said.

Investigators say Abby’s 17-year-old babysitter orchestrated a false home invasion, along with her 16-year-old boyfriend and another male suspect.

She’s not a good babysitter,” Abby said.


Pam Oliver and The War On Black Women's Hair

Just in time for Black History Month, the Black Community decided to turn on another one of its own, and surprise its a black woman and double surprise its about her hair. Triple surprise the crusade was led by black women.

Who is the target this time? Pam Oliver, a sportscaster for Fox.

First some history:

Student Sent Home Because Black Jesus Costume Made Teachers Uncomfortable

A north suburban high school student was pulled from classes on Halloween after dressing like Jesus.

According to Angenetta Frison, mother of Highland Park High senior Marshon Sanders, some teachers found his costume offensive. Her son was readmitted to school after changing out of the costume, she said.

Sanders' costume included a long, white robe, red sash, head scarf and a cross necklace.


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