5 Dead, 50 Injured After Amtrak Train Derails, Rolls on Side in Philadelphia

At least five people are dead after an Amtrak train derailed in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.

"It is an absolute disastrous mess. Never seen anything like this in my life," Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said during a press conference late Tuesday night along with Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

There were approximately 238 passengers and 5 crew members on board when the train derailed around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The fire department says 53 people, 6 critical, were transported to local hospitals.


8 Best Jokes From President Obama's 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner

It will be a long time before we have a President like this again.  Check out some of the stand out jokes from the 2015 Correspondents Dinner. 

1. The "Bucket" List: Obama said he's asked, " 'Do you have a bucket list?' I say, well I have something that rhymes with bucket."

Immigration executive action? "Bucket!" he deadpanned. Stricter climate rules. "Bucket!"

2. Those Grey Hairs: "I look so old John Boehner's already invited Netanyahu to speak at my funeral."

Video: 32 Arrested After Baltimore Protests Of Freddie Gray's Death Turn Violent

Officials said 31 adults and four juveniles were arrested, and six police officers were hurt after several storefronts were vandalized and other properties were damaged in the waning hours of the Freddie Gray demonstrations.

"Groups of outside agitators led to small pockets of protesters engaged in criminal activity," police said in a statement released Sunday. "The Baltimore Police Department believes that outside agitators continue to be the instigators behind acts of violence and destruction."


Chipotle To Begin Delievering!

Executives at fast food restaurant and burrito godsend Chipotle recently told investors in an earnings call that the chain was signing a deal with delivery-service Postmates to make the dream of burrito delivery a reality.

The startup, which promises deliveries in 60 minutes or less, operates in 67 markets, so not everyone will be privy to this bean-and-cheese luxury. In New York, there are 29 Chipotle chains available for delivery.

One Dead, 20 Sick With Botulism After Church Potluck Dinner

This is why you cannot eat everyone's cooking.  Especially if you didn't see them prepare it. 

One person is dead and at least 20 others are sick with symptoms of foodborne Botulism following a weekend church potluck in Ohio, hospital officials said on Tuesday.

The Fairfield Medical Center said in a statement that the patients, five of whom were in a critical condition, had all attended a picnic at Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster on Sunday.

Google Celebrates Earth Day 2015 With Doodle and Quiz

The Google Earth Day doodle is a first of its kind doodle that "presents one of the Internet's favourite pastimes: a goofy quiz," that at the end of it tells you which animal you are the closest to.

The Google Earth Day quiz works on "any up-to-date browsers on your mobile or desktop browsers, including the Android and iOS Google Apps."

Michigan Family Refuses To Remove Noose, Confederate Flag Hanging From Tree

Confederate flags and nooses hanging in Livonia have neighbors upset. They first noticed them at a home on Purlingbrook Street, but after complaining, a second noose was placed at a nearby property.

Both properties are owned by the same man, Robert Tomanovich. One is used for his business, Robert's Discount Tree Service.

"Its a tree that is easily climbable," Nicole Behrendt, a neighbor said. "Any kid could climb the tree and hang himself."

Mary Greer lives next door to the homeowner's business, which has the second noose.


Funeral for family of eight killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from generator after their electricity was cut off

Eight coffins lined the stage of a Maryland auditorium for the funeral services Saturday for a family that died from carbon monoxide poisoning in their home earlier this month.

The Todd family - a 36-year-old father and his seven children aged six to 15 - were tragically killed as they slept in their Princess Anne home. Father Rodney Todd was raising the children after divorcing their mother in November.


Adopted Woman Finds Out Biological Mother Is Her Co-worker

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) — A 38-year-old woman's quest to find her birth mother ended in a surprising place — the company where she works.

WKBN-TV in Youngstown reports that La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark requested records that were made available recently by the Ohio Department of Health. She learned her mother's name is Francine Simmons. She looked her up on Facebook and saw that she worked at InfoCision, the teleservices company where she works.


Prisoner Tries To Carve 666 Into His Forehead, But He Forgot He Was Looking In A Mirror

A hapless prisoner botched an attempt to carve '666' onto his own forehead after he forgot he was looking into the mirror.

Nikko Jenkins was left more than just red-faced after the numbers came out backwards in the bungled self-mutilation stunt.

The inmate is said to have told a judge during a recent telephone hearing of the irreversible mishap.

He carved the fabled ‘sign of the beast' made famous in the classic horror movie The Omen, backwards — making them look more like upside-down 9s, according to court officials.

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